TheOpenRehearsals – Ranelagh Arts Festival 2013

Following an acclaimed performance at the Hilltown New Music Festival, Co. Westmeath in July 2013, TheOpenRehearsals bring their most recent work to Dublin as part of the Ranelagh Arts Festival.

TheOpenRehearsals are a group of professionally trained classical musicians/theatre artists who come together to explore the possibilities of improvised music theatre. The music, improvised anew in each performance out of a pool of material provided beforehand, creates an environment which the actors feed off, creating dramas of gesture and action.

This combination of music and theatre in one entity is more reminiscent of traditional artforms from around the world than of Western theatre: using physical theatre, masks, and random text, the performance is pitched on the boundaries between abstract music, text art and theatre.

TheOpenRehearsals are: David Bremner (keyboard, composer, writer), Elizabeth Hilliard (soprano), Aidan McWatt (violin), Conor Donelan (actor), Sandra González Bandera (actor), Chris Stynes (percussion), Enda Collins (horn).

22 September 2013, 6pm, Ranelagh Village Market (Opposite Luas Station), Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Tickets €8, available from Ranelagh Arts Festival 01 547 7775

TheOpenRehearsals are kindly supported by Dublin City Council.

TheOpenRehearsals at Ranelagh Arts Festival
TheOpenRehearsals at Ranelagh Arts Festival

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