TheOpenRehearsals — Centre for Creative Practices — 14 December 2013

Be spell-bound, mesmerised and enthralled by TheOpenRehearsals in their unique synthesis of music and theatre at their final show of 2013. In the intimate venue of the Centre for Creative Practices, Saturday 14th December 3pm, join TheOpenRehearsals as they perform once more before the year is out.

Showing recently developed work, the performance contains the group’s characteristic style of improvisation. An in-depth collaboration between contemporary classical musicians and physical theatre artists, action and music complement and cast new meaning on each other, rather than one following the other. The style is sparse yet dramatic, suggestive yet ambiguous. Creating scenarios of sometimes strong emotion, the audience is a necessary component: each individual creates the story for her or himself.

TheOpenRehearsals are David Bremner (keyboard, musical direction), Conor Donelan (actor/devisor), Sandra González Bandera (actor/devisor), Elizabeth Hilliard (soprano), and Aidan McWatt (viola).

Following two successful appearances earlier in the year, one in July at the Hilltown New Music Festival and in September during the Ranelagh Arts Festival, TheOpenRehearsals are delighted to finish the year with a presentation of their most recent piece. Tickets are €5 and available on the door.

For more, follow @OpenRehearsals or check out Béal’s Facebook and Twitter.

TheOpenRehearsals, supported by Dublin City Council.

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